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emmaleedouglas on 23-Jun-2018

I love this bag. I tend to carry a lot of things with me to work everyday. I can fit them all in this bag with no problem and still look good. It’s professional enough for the courtroom but casual enough to use as my weekend purse. I was a little worried about the thinness of the straps but they seem to be holding up fine. I looked forever for a leather bag, and I’m so glad I found this one!


daniel14159 on 21-Jun-2018

Absolutely impressed by this bag the moment I took it out of the wrapping. The leather feels soft and sturdy like a beautifully broken in baseball glove. My new favorite bag.


mkramsay on 18-Jun-2018

I LOVE this bag!! It’s SO beautiful and sturdy. Only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is that I wish the bag had been sent in a sturdier shipping package. The post office did not handle the package with care and the package was ripped when I received it, causing a pretty noticeable gash in the leather at the bottom of the bag. The gash isn’t the seller’s fault but better packaging when shipping could have avoided that.

Esmeralda Andrade

Esmeralda Andrade on 15-Jun-2018

Ali Elsberry

Ali Elsberry on 15-Jun-2018

Great size and shape, exactly what I was looking for! I have been using it for the last month and it has been wonderful.


ohtobecreative5 on 12-Jun-2018

Beautiful bag! Really impressed with the quality. Shop was very responsive to my convo before purchase. Personalization looks perfect on the bag. Item arrived very quickly as promised. It was a gift and the recipient LOVED it.

Taylor Gillan

Taylor Gillan on 08-Jun-2018

carly mccomas

carly mccomas on 06-Jun-2018

ed blatt

ed blatt on 05-Jun-2018

The bag is great. Really nice leather. And the shipping was unbelievably fast.

Tamara Dussault

Tamara Dussault on 27-May-2018

I love the bag it is well made!!


marty1555 on 27-May-2018

Incredible quality! Used several times and wears well. Love it.

Stephanie Skogen

Stephanie Skogen on 26-May-2018

Yes I loved this bag!

Camille Rouquet

Camille Rouquet on 23-May-2018

Doesn’t match photograph. The back of the straps isn’t colored black but is a natural off-white color that stands out a lot. The straps’ leather is also raw and sheds a lot. Bag was delivered folded in two, which left a mark. One of the seams came apart after only a few days of regular use.

m k

m k on 21-May-2018

I absolutely love this tote. It arrived quickly and efficiently. I have had this purse for a while now and I get compliments every time I use it.

Anna Roach

Anna Roach on 19-May-2018


lynaeumlor on 19-May-2018

Best bag I’ve ever had! So durable and classic. I love this bag!

Barbara Tufano

Barbara Tufano on 15-May-2018

Great value!!! love the bag - perfect size for what I was looking for. Will def hold a notebook and many more things but not too big . Leather was supple and soft. Loved the color. Bought another bag from same seller - different color.