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dainah007 on 09-May-2018

Great quality and style. I have been on the search for a great leather tote and this met all my needs and even the personalization is awesome. I can’t wait to buy another piece. It also arrive quickly- less than a week.

Nadine Bodnar

Nadine Bodnar on 07-May-2018

It's a tad stiff, but I suppose a softer leather would have been double the price. I did however have to pay to get a magnet put in for the big pocket inside as it just hung open all the time. I get that the pockets are fastened to the top portion of the purse because its attached to the handle. But if the pockets were secured lower in the purse, the purse wouldn't cave in wards with the weight of the pockets.

Saif alvi

Saif alvi on 07-May-2018

Fantastic product, can’t wait to go on a trip now. Look and feel of the leather is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Duke Dorotheo

Duke Dorotheo on 05-May-2018

Great customer service! Will repeat buy again.


tcarnold1 on 03-May-2018

Tandeka Guilderson

Tandeka Guilderson on 22-Apr-2018

Very nice, sturdy bag. Would have preferred solid black handles as pictured. A

Glenda Merkley

Glenda Merkley on 17-Apr-2018

Gorgeous bag! Color, shape, feel...love it!!

Kyle Burkholder

Kyle Burkholder on 12-Apr-2018


contemporaryfix on 05-Apr-2018

Excellent quality. Really beautiful bag. Was a gift to my husband, and he loves it.


kara62195 on 04-Apr-2018

What a GORGEOUS well made piece. 110% happy with this purchase. Fast shipping and very reasonably priced for a genuine leather tote. Thank you very much.


JAVIER TREJO on 04-Apr-2018

Family members stay at my place frequently.......Providing them with these portable valet trays makes them feel special.....thanks for helping to make me a great host....

Nina Meiers

Nina Meiers on 01-Apr-2018

The bag is beautiful and great quality! Love love love it!!

Starla Inman

Starla Inman on 26-Mar-2018

Song Hunter

Song Hunter on 25-Mar-2018

This is the perfect, most exquisite yet simply tote. It’s exactly what I wanted.The color of the leather is gorgeous, the detail and craftsmanship is on point.I’ve had so many compliments on it already.


ilovejewery on 18-Mar-2018

Super friendly, very accommodating seller!!!

Kim Watson

Kim Watson on 17-Mar-2018

I love this bag and I plan to have it forever. Good quality! Great price!

Nikki-May Retherford

Nikki-May Retherford on 16-Mar-2018

What a beautiful and high quality product. Wonderful leather working. I can’t wait to surprise the hubby with it!


studio88salon on 13-Mar-2018

So happy with the quality service and the actual product it was for a 3 year wedding anniversary and my husband loves it Deceiving in pictures but this bag is very large (fit my husband and 2 children’s clothes in it for 4 days holiday with extras) Great buy