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Glenda Merkley

Glenda Merkley on 17-Apr-2018

Gorgeous bag! Color, shape, it!!

Kyle Burkholder

Kyle Burkholder on 12-Apr-2018


contemporaryfix on 05-Apr-2018

Excellent quality. Really beautiful bag. Was a gift to my husband, and he loves it.


kara62195 on 04-Apr-2018

What a GORGEOUS well made piece. 110% happy with this purchase. Fast shipping and very reasonably priced for a genuine leather tote. Thank you very much.


JAVIER TREJO on 04-Apr-2018

Family members stay at my place frequently.......Providing them with these portable valet trays makes them feel special.....thanks for helping to make me a great host....

Nina Meiers

Nina Meiers on 01-Apr-2018

The bag is beautiful and great quality! Love love love it!!

Starla Inman

Starla Inman on 26-Mar-2018

Song Hunter

Song Hunter on 25-Mar-2018

This is the perfect, most exquisite yet simply tote. It’s exactly what I wanted.The color of the leather is gorgeous, the detail and craftsmanship is on point.I’ve had so many compliments on it already.


ilovejewery on 18-Mar-2018

Super friendly, very accommodating seller!!!

Kim Watson

Kim Watson on 17-Mar-2018

I love this bag and I plan to have it forever. Good quality! Great price!

Nikki-May Retherford

Nikki-May Retherford on 16-Mar-2018

What a beautiful and high quality product. Wonderful leather working. I can’t wait to surprise the hubby with it!


studio88salon on 13-Mar-2018

So happy with the quality service and the actual product it was for a 3 year wedding anniversary and my husband loves it Deceiving in pictures but this bag is very large (fit my husband and 2 children’s clothes in it for 4 days holiday with extras) Great buy


pereaana1 on 09-Mar-2018

I have had many compliments for my zipper tote bag, it’s very spacious, I can carry everything in it, and it is very well made.

Florence R

Florence R on 07-Mar-2018

Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Walsh on 05-Mar-2018

Soft, well crafted for the most part. The hardware is cheap and will likely not hold up long term, and the strap is made from a piece of leather that sheds, with wear it should stop though for the price I expected better construction overall. Great idea, love the design of the bag, just needs a little help to make it a five star bag. I would even be willing to spend a little more if the hardware was quality.