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Jill Wiese

Jill Wiese on 13-Sep-2017

This is not from the USA!

Christy Casebolt

Christy Casebolt on 11-Sep-2017

I couldn't possibly love this purse any more than I do.

Gena Moore

Gena Moore on 09-Sep-2017


Cynthia on 08-Sep-2017

Love love the bag !!!!!!! Great quality !

Ken Lee

Ken Lee on 06-Sep-2017

Fast delivery. Got it in a week. Great bag. Other than the leather staining which I gave it a thorough wipe, everything is good.

Glenda Riffel

Glenda Riffel on 29-Aug-2017

Nice big bag. Just wish it had a top closure

Justin Peffer

Justin Peffer on 26-Aug-2017


Kristy on 22-Aug-2017

Xandre Verkes

Xandre Verkes on 18-Aug-2017

Fantastic service!! Answered all my questions with patience and lots of help! Bag is great quality! Personal engraving looks amazing!! My husband loves this bag!! Soooo happy with purchase!! Thanks so much!


kasojourner on 13-Aug-2017

Rakiba Kibria

Rakiba Kibria on 07-Aug-2017

Great quality bag, it's sturdy, super stylish and very well made. The turn around time was unbelievable for us. Took it on a weekend trip and already received compliments!

Carly Gallagher

Carly Gallagher on 02-Aug-2017


Chelsea on 27-Jul-2017

This Bag is amazing!! I use it every day for 2 of my 13 in work computers!! Great job!


elenalandone on 22-Jul-2017

Bruno is deeply and genuinely concerned with the customer's satisfaction, my experience with Mont5bags has been very good. The bag arrived fast.

Jeffrey Edwards

Jeffrey Edwards on 02-Jul-2017

I wish I had known you didn't make this bag. That was disappointing to me. I wanted hand made, but I should have known by the price..


cansee99 on 27-Jun-2017

It took awhile to get here but it came when it was suppose to. I wanted it for traveling to hold extra things my purse wasn't big enough to carry. Also for shopping so I could put 'stuff' in and not have lots of small bags to deal with. I love it and it is very attractive, light weight and love the inside pockets for small things. Very satisfied!!!

Jodi Swanson

Jodi Swanson on 16-Jun-2017

Better than expected! Tons of compliments.

Brittney Ashley

Brittney Ashley on 14-Jun-2017

gorgeous bag. exactly what i was hoping for. Thank you for the beautiful bag :)


Stormie on 13-Jun-2017

I bought this as a birthday gift for my brother. He got the bag so fast, I was impressed. The quality of the bag was just amazing. My brother absolutely loved it and the engraving was perfect.