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Alyona on 26-Feb-2019

The bag arrived really quickly. The leather is fine and the tote is pretty and functional but there is a fishy smell inside of the bag and it doesn't go away even after a few weeks of using. Hopefully will be gone soon though, but for now I don't feel comfortable opening it especially being near other people.

Deidre Pool

Deidre Pool on 26-Feb-2019

This bag is absolutely beautiful. Well made. I love the zipper compartment at the bottom. I wish I could love the bag, but this thing is the heaviest bag! I know leather isn't light, however, the handles seem to be made of thick steel. Even empty, this thing is heavy. It's so beautiful that I tried for two weeks to carry it anyway, but it's just impossible. VERY disappointed.


lookin4dee on 25-Feb-2019

Dylan Atkins

Dylan Atkins on 23-Feb-2019


toverton1882 on 22-Feb-2019

Shipping was super fast. Bag was gorgeous. However, the stain runs when it gets wet. Be careful with use in the rain.


elliebee31 on 15-Feb-2019

Malia Reid

Malia Reid on 13-Feb-2019

trista anderson

trista anderson on 13-Feb-2019

I like the bag but I have to be very careful with it. The dye runs and stains everything it touches after a very light misting rain.

Audrey linton

Audrey linton on 11-Feb-2019

This bag was exactly as I expected. Size is perfect wonderful rich colour, Arrived on time, smells like new leather but I'm ok with that.

Beth Smith

Beth Smith on 04-Feb-2019

Faisal Hadi

Faisal Hadi on 29-Jan-2019

very high quality, looks very good

Brynn Lattimer

Brynn Lattimer on 29-Jan-2019

Ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mom, it was delivered quickly and she loves it!


Karla on 29-Jan-2019

Molly Foley

Molly Foley on 28-Jan-2019

Just got my bag today and have already filled it with goodies. I love that I can fit my notebooks, water bottle and winter hat in there along with my other purse essentials. The best thing is the number pockets on the inside. I love to have an organized bag and the pockets are key.


TINA KUHANECK on 28-Jan-2019

Love it ! Arrived quickly. Item as described. Inner pockets hang limp after a while and back pockets are slip through without bottom. Added strap to keep pocket closed. Still love it and would buy another.excellent value.


clburon1234 on 27-Jan-2019

I absolutely love my beautiful ne w handbag. And the engraving is perfect. I am so happy. It is exactly what I need to carry all my daily things.

Amanda Knowles

Amanda Knowles on 23-Jan-2019

Fast shipping Will love it when it breaks in and isn’t as stiff. After using for a couple weeks i noticed that the coloring was coming off on me and my clothing? So I reached out to the seller because I was displeased. He did offer a full refund. So I return the product. He did a sure me that they have taken care of the bleeding problem for all future products.

Jesse Ruiz

Jesse Ruiz on 20-Jan-2019

Great Quality Leather. Very thick and durable.The stitching is great. I personally use it as a gym bag and it holds up very well.I was initially hesitant to get this bag because of the negative reviews, but I am so glad I got it. It’s great. No complaints.


Tuesday on 19-Jan-2019

The bag is lovely! Beautiful quality leather, great size. The embossing looks great, and the product was quickly dispatched at reached me within a week. Would recommend.

May Scott

May Scott on 10-Jan-2019


Elizabeth on 09-Jan-2019

Was exactly what I wanted! Bought it as a gift engraving made it personal and unique! Leather smells amazing my boyfriend is ready for a weekend getaway! Thanks for keeping me posted throughout the process. Arrived right on time!