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Tawnya Yetter

Tawnya Yetter on 31-Mar-2019

Leather nice (but smelly). Monogram nice. Be prepared it’s very thin and not lined. Though it has a few pockets, they’re not adequately sewed at bottom and things fall out of them. It’s just ok for the cost.

Hashim Bennett

Hashim Bennett on 29-Mar-2019

Ashlyn Barber

Ashlyn Barber on 28-Mar-2019

My brothers favorite Christmas gift this year. Amazing purchase, worth every penny.

Sandra Browning

Sandra Browning on 26-Mar-2019

Beautiful bag! I’m planning some trips and this will be perfect and durable for travel! The larger size is ideal!

ethel bran

ethel bran on 25-Mar-2019

Shana Scott

Shana Scott on 25-Mar-2019

This was a gift for my husband's 50th. I had it engraved and planned a trip to go with it. He has had it only two weeks and has used it for a long weekend trip already. He called it "hip." He loves it.

Valeria Molteni

Valeria Molteni on 24-Mar-2019

Very nice and the picture shows the real size

Anja Weiß

Anja Weiß on 18-Mar-2019

Mandy Torrez

Mandy Torrez on 14-Mar-2019

Perfect Size! and fast shipping! LOVE this product bought it for my boyfriends birthday and he absolutely loved it as well. Also great customer service any question I had they were super quick to respond. Will be ordering another for myself. GREAT quality!!

Lauren Kosch

Lauren Kosch on 13-Mar-2019

Valeria Molteni

Valeria Molteni on 11-Mar-2019

Jeffery Starkey

Jeffery Starkey on 07-Mar-2019

Tara Drake

Tara Drake on 05-Mar-2019

I love this bag soooo much! It is the perfect size for all of my work stuff. I have to carry around a laptop with me. It is so stylish. I get so many compliments on it!


SarahRabe on 04-Mar-2019

Super soft and, even after a few weeks, still has an amazing smell to it. The inner pockets’ sizes are super versatile and I’m carrying it as my bag for school—fits purse crap, papers, laptop perfectly. I’m so in love.


carandolph1 on 04-Mar-2019

This bag is a good size - not too big.


chrissyg on 02-Mar-2019

Super fast shipping, even on my personalization! Very nice bag. Thank you.


Alyona on 26-Feb-2019

The bag arrived really quickly. The leather is fine and the tote is pretty and functional but there is a fishy smell inside of the bag and it doesn't go away even after a few weeks of using. Hopefully will be gone soon though, but for now I don't feel comfortable opening it especially being near other people.

Deidre Pool

Deidre Pool on 26-Feb-2019

This bag is absolutely beautiful. Well made. I love the zipper compartment at the bottom. I wish I could love the bag, but this thing is the heaviest bag! I know leather isn't light, however, the handles seem to be made of thick steel. Even empty, this thing is heavy. It's so beautiful that I tried for two weeks to carry it anyway, but it's just impossible. VERY disappointed.


lookin4dee on 25-Feb-2019

Dylan Atkins

Dylan Atkins on 23-Feb-2019


toverton1882 on 22-Feb-2019

Shipping was super fast. Bag was gorgeous. However, the stain runs when it gets wet. Be careful with use in the rain.