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elliebee31 on 15-Feb-2019

Malia Reid

Malia Reid on 13-Feb-2019

trista anderson

trista anderson on 13-Feb-2019

I like the bag but I have to be very careful with it. The dye runs and stains everything it touches after a very light misting rain.

Audrey linton

Audrey linton on 11-Feb-2019

This bag was exactly as I expected. Size is perfect wonderful rich colour, Arrived on time, smells like new leather but I'm ok with that.

Beth Smith

Beth Smith on 04-Feb-2019

Alex Dockery

Alex Dockery on 02-Feb-2019

My husband loved this gorgeous bag! Worth every penny. Very high quality.

Faisal Hadi

Faisal Hadi on 29-Jan-2019

very high quality, looks very good

Brynn Lattimer

Brynn Lattimer on 29-Jan-2019

Ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mom, it was delivered quickly and she loves it!


Karla on 29-Jan-2019

Molly Foley

Molly Foley on 28-Jan-2019

Just got my bag today and have already filled it with goodies. I love that I can fit my notebooks, water bottle and winter hat in there along with my other purse essentials. The best thing is the number pockets on the inside. I love to have an organized bag and the pockets are key.


TINA KUHANECK on 28-Jan-2019

Love it ! Arrived quickly. Item as described. Inner pockets hang limp after a while and back pockets are slip through without bottom. Added strap to keep pocket closed. Still love it and would buy another.excellent value.


clburon1234 on 27-Jan-2019

I absolutely love my beautiful ne w handbag. And the engraving is perfect. I am so happy. It is exactly what I need to carry all my daily things.

Amanda Knowles

Amanda Knowles on 23-Jan-2019

Fast shipping Will love it when it breaks in and isn’t as stiff. After using for a couple weeks i noticed that the coloring was coming off on me and my clothing? So I reached out to the seller because I was displeased. He did offer a full refund. So I return the product. He did a sure me that they have taken care of the bleeding problem for all future products.

Jesse Ruiz

Jesse Ruiz on 20-Jan-2019

Great Quality Leather. Very thick and durable.The stitching is great. I personally use it as a gym bag and it holds up very well.I was initially hesitant to get this bag because of the negative reviews, but I am so glad I got it. It’s great. No complaints.


Tuesday on 19-Jan-2019

The bag is lovely! Beautiful quality leather, great size. The embossing looks great, and the product was quickly dispatched at reached me within a week. Would recommend.

May Scott

May Scott on 10-Jan-2019


Elizabeth on 09-Jan-2019

Was exactly what I wanted! Bought it as a gift engraving made it personal and unique! Leather smells amazing my boyfriend is ready for a weekend getaway! Thanks for keeping me posted throughout the process. Arrived right on time!


Jane on 09-Jan-2019

My daughter loved her new tote I bought her.

Caroline Bourgois

Caroline Bourgois on 09-Jan-2019

Temps de livraison important (commandé fin novembre reçu début janvier) mais produit d’excellente qualité


Caitlin on 06-Jan-2019

This bag is a show stopper, simply beautiful! I'm so happy that I bought this as a Christmas gift and also bought the dopp kit to go along with it. This is a unique gift for the person who loves to travel. The monogramming makes it extra special and is done with great care and precision. High marks all around!!!!

Jenna Louise

Jenna Louise on 03-Jan-2019

The shop shipped the wrong item. At first, they tried to make me pay to return it, then only offered me a partial refund, then finally did the right thing and refunded me entirely. The bag I received was good quality, if a bit thin. Had sort of a weird smell to it at first. I gave it to my mom and she liked it.

Donna Picarelli

Donna Picarelli on 03-Jan-2019

My son loves his new travel bag. Beautifully constructed. I was a little concerned with the odor but within two weeks it wasn't as potent. Love it!