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Why Custom?


At MONT5 each product is exclusively handcrafted for you and you alone. A unique pattern is created for each individual and according to their size. Every product is unique and made to your measurement.


Need an extra pocket? A special monogram? Safety padding? Done Done & Done

Since every MONT5 is created individually what that means for you is, instead of being constrained to the particular style you, can customize your product to your liking and how you want it to look or feel. Maybe you carry extra tools, maybe you ride a motor bike and want extra padding, whatever you need. consider it done!


We’re not created in 5 molds. Why should your clothes be?

We are not all the same size and shape, some of us have longer arms some are just super tall. So how come our clothing fits in 5 sizes? It doesn’t!

Everyone deserves to have a individually crafted piece that fits like a glove that’s why each MONT5 product is a handcrafted, one built around your specific body dimensions and measurements ensuring a perfect fit.


Because heck it costs same as your off the shelf brands.

By cutting the middlemen out we’re able to provide you custom product at the same price as a real leather product from a high street brand. And we’re not talking about gucci’s of the world. Your neighborhood fast fashion brand (if they actually use real leather i.e)

So you get a custom experience, a product with hours of love put into it by expert craftsmen at the price of a "off the shelve" product. Do we need to say more?


Take a stand! Support craftsmen

With fast fashion and large scale manufacturing anything and everything handcrafted is going away. Taking with it the livelihoods of thousands of traditional craftsmen associated with leather for over two centuries. We’re here to ensure that does not happen and every product bought is a step in that direction.

A leather product lasts forever and it’ll live by your side, through your journeys, becoming a part of your story. So have it personalized, make it yours.