Swaik Leather Moto Jacket
Dark Brown Vintage Leather Duffle Bag



Modern large scale manufacturing processes create bulk quantities and produce goods at lower cost. These methods while cheaper, take the love out & the detail that goes into creating a personalized product.

At MONT5 we create each product individually with the help of our skilled craftsmen using traditional processes.

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Raw hide is extracted from meat producing animals & sent to the tannery & converts raw hide into stable material that doesn't decay.

There are multiple tanning methods like ‘vegetable tanning’, ‘mineral’, ‘oil tanning’ and ‘chromium tanning’ also referred to as ‘the wet blue’.

The skin is dried after tanning. Dried leather is processed to create top grain leather and is dyed afterwards.

Finishing which determines what the leather would look like, Popular leather finishes are Aniline, Nappa, Nubuck, Suede, Semi Aniline, waxed and oiled.


Product Design

We take inspiration from the classics and create designs for the modern man, which would fit right into urban-wear-wardrobe and are rugged enough for the outdoor man.

Our in house designers work closely with the craftsmen to create the perfect fit.


Pattern Design

In off the shelf products one pattern is created for each size. At MONT5 a unique pattern is created by for each individual customer.

With 18-years of experience up his sleeves, Mr. Basharat is the creative nerve-center of our production process. He is the guy who deciphers all the body measurements skillfully and transforms them into unique patterns.



Our pattern master hands over the designs to our cutting expert Mr. Naeem. Who carefully cuts the leather as per the desired size.

Mr. Naeem has more than 20 years of experience working in the industry, making him one of the most acclaimed and seasoned craftsmen. He’s been with us for three years and it has been an excellent experience working with him.



Once all the fabric is cut, it’s ready to meet the stitcher. All the components are stitched together and the product takes its physical shape. It’s all in the skill of the stitcher to create a product that lasts a lifetime and looks apart.

Mr. Khalid the master stitcher with his 20 years of experience is the perfect guy for the job. Every product is different every leather type is different. It is only from the hands of a master craftsmen that we get the perfect product for every customer.

Mr. Abdul Sattar even in grave situations this guy will manage to pull off a smile on his face. He has more than 15 years experience of putting those stitches on leather..


Pressing & Molding

The last step in leather production is to give shape to the product. The pieces to be curved are placed on a curved block and pressure is applied on it. Until the curves are permanent and in their actual place. The buttons are added and final pieces are fit in.


Quality Assurance

With his extensive industry experience Mr. Tanveer takes care of the quality of the products from the leather quality to the final stitching.

Mr. Tanveer has helped us get our processes aligned to ensure everything is done correctly. He is meticulous, detail oriented and above all a hard working family man.He’s part of MONT5 since it’s inception.

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